817.00/3346: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Eberhardt) to the Secretary of State

169. Prior to his flight from Nicaragua Vice President Sacasa addressed a note to me from Leon but which has just been received from Salvador in which he asks that the Department be advised that since he had been persecuted in his capacity of Vice President to a point where a verbal ultimatum to Liberal leaders threatening his life had been made, he protested to the Department against such procedure as being in violation of article 2 of the convention signed in Washington on the initiative of, and with the cooperation of the United States Government.15 The foregoing discloses no new point of view but it is submitted in mere fairness to the Vice President as complying with his request.

The Solorzano government still functions under all the changes of October 26th already telegraphed. In the opinion of this Legation, these internal dissensions in Nicaragua have not reached the stage which requires any change in attitude thus far persistently followed by this Legation of carefully watching all developments and keeping the Department promptly and fully advised.

  1. See “General Treaty of Peace and Amity” in Conference on Central American Affairs, Washington, December 4, 1922–February 7, 1923 (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1923), p. 287.