817.00/3334: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Eberhardt) to the Secretary of State

153. President Solorzano has agreed to virtually all the demands of General Chamorro, whom he has joined in a signed document,14 agreeing (1) that the coalition pacts shall be broken and be considered as of no value henceforth; (2) that the Government be more entirely conservative; (3) that full amnesty be granted to all participants in the recent military operations; (4) that the Government pay General Chamorro 10,000 cordobas for the expenses of this uprising, besides paying the troops; (5) that General Chamorro be made General in Chief of the Army.

Chamorro is in complete control having today received all [demanded] from the President. Chamorro then withdrew troops from the streets. There have been about 20 casualties. Chamorro is sending 500 troops to Leon tonight against the advice of the President and prominent men of both parties. It is feared that serious trouble will develop then.

Solorzano is still President but can hardly be expected to continue in office long.

Managua is quiet tonight but there is every indication that revolution must develop as soon as the Liberals can arm themselves.

Complete change of the Cabinet seems imminent.

  1. Document signed on October 26, about noon (file No. 817.00/3349).