817.00/3303: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Eberhardt) to the Secretary of State

134. Last night at about 11 o’clock General Alfredo Rivas, commander of the Loma garrison, sent a newly-armed nondescript body of troops under a subordinate officer to the International Club where a reception was being held in honor of Doctor Leonardo Arguello, Minister of Public Instruction. These troops forcibly carried off to the Loma as prisoners Doctor Roman y Reyes, Minister of Hacienda, two editors and several other men of alleged strong Liberal tendencies who were further alleged to be unduly influencing and coercing President Solorzano.

General Rivas states he thus forestalled a revolution which he claims was planned by the Liberals for next week. By his action he said that he had avoided bloodshed and had aided rather than embarrassed the President. He demanded the removal of several Liberal members of the Cabinet, mostly under secretaries, and their replacement by conservative Republicans. In this demand the President has apparently acquiesced. Roman y Reyes is to be superseded by Adan Cárdenas as Minister of Hacienda, and the Ministry of War is to be annexed to the Presidency.

Business and communication are interrupted and considerable tension prevails but the entire affair seems in a [on the] way to an early satisfactory settlement. There has been no bloodshed though many of the guests at the reception were terrorized by the firing of numerous shots into the air and by the shouts of the armed men who carried away the prisoners referred to. The Legation will keep the Department informed of further developments. Written report follows.12

  1. Not printed.