817.1051/82: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Nicaragua ( Thurston )

78. Your 113, July 3, 10 a.m. The Department approves of your advising the Minister of Foreign Affairs that in view of the contemplated departure of the Legation Guard on August 3 it is impracticable for the marines to undertake the organization and training of the Nicaraguan National Guard at this late date.

You may remind him that this Government has repeatedly declared its readiness to assist the Nicaraguan Government in connection with the organization of the constabulary. It did so in November 1923, and again in January of this year, when at the urgent request of the Nicaraguan Government it consented that the Legation Guard should remain in Nicaragua for the time being. On this latter occasion, however, this Government made it clear that it was acceding to the Nicaraguan Government’s request only upon the definite understanding that the work of organizing the police force would be immediately undertaken and energetically prosecuted in accordance with a suitable plan. Nearly 6 months have elapsed during which the consideration of a plan for a constabulary met with frequent and apparently unnecessary delays, and during which the Nicaraguan Government showed little interest in the proffered assistance of the officers of the Legation Guard. It therefore appeared unnecessary to retain the Legation Guard longer in Managua.