817.1051/81: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Nicaragua ( Thurston )

70. Major Carter10 advises Department that he signed one year contract with Nicaraguan Chargé d’Affaires on June 10th. He will be “Chief of the Constabulary and of the School of Instruction of the National Guard created by the legislative decree of May 14 of the present year” and will prepare regulations for the school and for the constabulary in accord with the Nicaraguan Government. He states that he expects to sail for Nicaragua in about a week. The contract provides for the employment of four additional American [Page 634] officers as assistants. Further information is being sent to you by mail.

While all arrangements have been made directly between Carter and the Nicaraguan Legation without intervention by the Department, and while the Department feels that it may contribute to the success of the new constabulary if it is regarded as a purely Nicaraguan institution and the officials are regarded from the outset as Nicaraguan employees having no connection with the United States Government, it desires that you should extend every proper assistance to Major Carter in the performance of his duties, and that you should keep the Department very fully informed regarding the progress of his work.

  1. Calvin B. Carter, of Elgin, Texas.