The Ambassador in Spain ( Moore ) to the Secretary of State

No. 622

Sir: In confirmation of my telegram No. 40 of June 27; 3 p.m.,15 bearing on the subject of the maritime vigilance which the Governments of Spain and France have agreed to exercise along the Moroccan littoral, I have the honor to transmit herewith the text and translation of a Note Verbale, dated June 26, 1925, in which the Foreign Office apprises me of the conclusion of such an agreement.

I have [etc.]

Alexander P. Moore

The Presidency of the Spanish Military Directorate to the American Embassy

Morocco Office
No. 118

Note Verbale

Pursuant to an agreement between the Governments of His Catholic Majesty and of the French Republic, the Presidency of the Military Directorate has the honor to acquaint your Embassy with the following information:

“Along the littoral of the Spanish and French territories under protectorate as well as sovereignty situated in north and west of Africa [Page 604] between longitude two degrees west of Greenwich and twenty-seven degrees north latitude, Spanish and French warships shall jointly exercise vigilance to secure strict observance of international provisions and regulations prohibiting, on the one hand, all access to the Morocco coast, with the exception of open ports, and, on the other, all importation of arms and war material into Morocco. For this purpose, the said vessels shall watch and visit if necessary, in conformity to international usage in the matter, all ships which with good reason may be suspected of infringing the provisions mentioned. This vigilance shall have reference to arms, munitions and war material, as also to merchandise suspected of being bound for ports or natural harbors not open to commerce.”

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