The Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier ( Blake )

No. 364

Sir: The Department acknowledges the receipt of your despatch No. 17 of September 5, 1925, with respect to the request of the Mendoob to render applicable to American citizens and protégés in the Tangier Zone the provisions of four Dahirs relating to taxes on alcohol, beer, sugar, tea, coffee, spices, candles, a registration tax and a stamp tax.

[Page 602]

Pending the settlement of the position which this Government may deem it proper to take with reference to the Statute of Tangier, it is not in a position to assent to the imposition in the Tangier Zone of any taxes upon American nationals or protégés through the action of the legislative body at Tangier and upon the request of the Mendoob. If it should be necessary for American nationals or protégés to pay any of these taxes in order to carry on their proper business in the Tangier Zone, you will, in accordance with the suggestion made in your despatch under acknowledgment, instruct American citizens to pay the taxes under protest and to report the amounts thus paid to the Consulate General.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Joseph C. Grew