881.00/1047: Telegram

The Chargé in Morocco ( Murphy ) to the Secretary of State

7. Shereefian Government has notified Italian Minister, as president of Sanitary Council, that Dahir of 1879 creating Council will be rescinded and Council abolished simultaneously with formal introduction of Tangier statute on June 1st, and Italian Minister is requested to surrender Sanitary Council funds to new administration. Italian Minister conscious of serious objections of his Government and has called meeting of Sanitary Council for June 3d. In view of Department’s instructions No. 325, February 4th, request instructions. Principles of economic equality apparently unaffected and surrender of one source of revenue specifically contemplated in article 61 of Act of Algeciras. Sultan’s right to rescind admitted. Further request instructions in regard to making applicable to American citizens and protégés consumption are [and] other taxes already announced. Suggest such taxes and other innovations should in each case be subject of formal request on part of Tangier Government for American Government’s sanction and that such sanction if accorded be contingent upon consent of all governments including Italian.