711.12155/145: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico (Schoenfeld)

231. Department’s 176, August 11, 3 P.M. and 183, August 17, 6 P.M. and your despatch 983, August 19, regarding flood conditions at El Paso.

Officials of El Paso and Juarez are reported to be anxious that rectification of Rio Grande be commenced as soon as possible, because they fear next flood season will be even more disastrous than last one to residents on both sides of River. American Boundary Commissioner reports that general opinion prevails along border that recent flood damage exceeding half-million dollars could have been prevented if River had been straightened as proposed in Minute 61. Commissioner further states that if rectification should be undertaken, interests of respective Governments could be adequately safeguarded by [Page 582] adoption of every necessary precaution by International Boundary Commission. In view of importance of matter and many interests involved as indicated in data furnished you by Department on 5th instant, it is desired that you again approach the Mexican Government with a view to obtaining its approval of Minute 61, pointing out that the present would seem to be an opportune time to commence the proposed work.