Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Mexican Affairs (Gunther)

The following information was communicated by telephone to Mr. de Negri on Tuesday morning, May 5, 1925, in response to his oral request of May 1:

Measures to coordinate the work of American and Mexican officers along the border to prevent smuggling operations, including the following:
Intoxicating liquors, for beverage use.
Arms and ammunition or explosives.
Other merchandise prohibited from importation or exportation or subject to duty.
Measures bearing on better law enforcement along the international boundary not included in (1).
Suppression of poaching,7 referred to in the Mexican Ambassador’s informal note of April 17.8
Extradition of persons charged with violating the narcotic laws of either country or with violating laws with regard to contraband.

(Above apparently was telephoned by Keith based on Mr. Vallance’s Memo of May 2.8)

F[ranklin] M. G[unther]
  1. On May 9, at the request of the Mexican Embassy, the question of clandestine fishing in territorial waters was added to the agenda (file No. 711.128/13a).
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.