711.129/34: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Sheffield ) to the Secretary of State

82. Department’s [Embassy’s] telegram 81.6 Today Under Secretary of Foreign Relations advises me that the Mexican delegation to the El Paso conference will be made up as follows: For the Department of Foreign Relations, Señor Fernandez MacGregor; for the Department of Gobernacion, Subsecretary Villa Michel; for the Department of Finance, the chief clerk, Señor Octavio Dubois, and the following additional gentlemen: Manuel Bartelet, Arturo [Page 509] Bedeta, Luis C. Aragon, Ignacio Gonzalez; for the Department of Public Health, Señor Narciso Bassols.

A statement regarding the date and purposes of the conference with the names of the delegates will be supplied by the Mexican Government to the press on the evening of Monday, April 20, at which time unless there is objection it is suggested that the Department issue its statement.

  1. Not printed.