882.6176 F 51/29: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia (Hood) to the Secretary of State

11. Department’s attitude presented to the Liberian Government as follows: Department’s continued solicitude and interest in Liberia shown by the careful examination and approval of Firestone contracts; by the prolonged stay of Minister in the United States until such careful and favorable consideration should be given; by personal conferences at the Department to enable the Minister to represent to the Liberian Government Department’s benevolent interest in this matter to the extent that the Department was desirous of giving such moral support as would aid Liberian rehabilitation. The Department considered the Firestone contracts as a means through [Page 421] which the same ends which had been contemplated in the Government loan could be accomplished.

Can any Departmental expression be sent that may be transmitted or interpreted to the Liberian Government which would give such an expression from the Department as would make the Liberian Government know it manifested interest and moral support as represented to them by the American Minister involving practical assistance in working the rehabilitation of Liberia by the bankers’ loan through Firestone?