An Act Passed by the Liberian Legislature Approving the Agreements Entered Into by the Liberian Government and Harvey S. Firestone14

It is enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Republic of Liberia in Legislature assembled:

  • Section 1. That the Agreements entered into by the Executive Government with Harvey S. Firestone a citizen of the United States of America with reference to the cultivation of Rubber and other agricultural products in the Republic of Liberia by the said Harvey S. Firestone and with reference to the construction of Harbour Works at the Port of Monrovia which Agreements are entitled Agreement Number (1) Number (2) Number (3) be and the same are hereby approved.
  • Section 2. And the President is hereby authorised to enter into final Agreements with the said Harvey S. Firestone substantially on the terms, conditions and stipulations set forth in the said draft Agreements and correspondence incidentally thereto.

Any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

  1. Printed from Acts Passed by the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia During the Session 1924–1925 (Monrovia, Government Printing Office, 1925), ch. xii, p. 24. The agreements thus ratified were the draft agreements arrived at in June 1924 in negotiations between the Liberian Government and Mr. Hines of the Firestone Co. and are not identical with those prepared by the Firestone Co., submitted to the Department of State in December 1924, and taken to Liberia by a Firestone representative in February 1925. (See telegram from the Legation at Monrovia, Feb. 16, 1925, 4 p.m., infra.)