882.6176 F 51/207

Mr. W. D. Hines to the Liberian Secretary of State (Barclay)

Excellency: I have the honour to acknowledge your communication of June 19, 1924 and in so far as my examination of them goes, the Agreements and the letter accompanying them are in accordance with the understandings arrived at in the conferences with His Excellency, The President, Your Excellency, Mr. D. A. Ross, Mr. M. A. Cheek5 and myself.

I am now planning to return with them to my Principals in America on Friday and desire to state that all temporary operations which we carry on in the Republic of Liberia as verbally agreed upon prior to the final signatures and proper approval being attached to them will be in charge of Mr. D. A. Ross.

May I be permitted to express to Your Excellency my deep appreciation of the courtesy and kindness which has been accorded us. I desire to assure you of our deepest respect and esteem.

I have [etc.]

W. D. Hines
  1. Firestone representatives in Liberia.