811.91265/12: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Fletcher ) to the Secretary of State


121. Embassy’s telegram No. 119 of July 22, 5 p.m. I have taken up Seldes case with the Foreign Office and as Italian Government has decided definitely that he must leave, I have arranged that 10 days from July 25 be given him to prepare for his departure. Should he fail to leave within specified time, he will be expelled. I have communicated this to Seldes, who states that he wishes to have from the police or some governmental agency a written notice to depart, upon receipt of which he will go. The chief of the press section of the Foreign Office stated today that he would be given this notice.

Seldes wishes a document in writing which he may be able to use in writing up his expulsion from Italy. I anticipate no violent measures as matters now stand.