815.00/3699: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala ( Geissler ) to the Secretary of State

33. Referring to the Department’s telegram of April 20, 1 p.m. The following is a translation of the reply which has been received from the Guatemalan Government:

“April 23, 1925. Mr. Minister: Referring to the courteous note of Your Excellency number 141 dated the 21st of the present month, I have the honor to say to you that the Government of Guatemala deplores the recent disturbances of order in Honduras and which according to reports received by this Government took place at localities far from the frontier of Guatemala with the sole exception of a revolt of small magnitude in Ocotopeque.

My Government, while indeed it is true that rumors have been communicated to it, has not received proofs, nor even concrete accusations of revolutionary activities in our frontier, nor of shipment of arms, supplies or provisions destined for Honduras.

This Government feels assured that the Guatemalan frontier authorities have complied with definite orders to prevent every activity which might disturb the peace in said Republic.

The authorities of Guatemala have endeavored from the beginning to comply with all indications received from the Government of Honduras to prevent insofar as possible that the Honduran emigrados [Page 327] here residing contribute in any way to disorders in that Republic, and it is to be noted that the refugees who returned to Honduras did so availing themselves of the call made to them to that effect by the Honduranean Government.

The Guatemalan Government continues disposed to give attention to all information and to continue to take every measure necessary to prevent any aid in favor of those who undertake to disturb the peace in that neighboring Republic.

I do not believe it inappropriate to state to Your Excellency that the contents of your above-mentioned note surprised me because only yesterday I received an official visit of [from] Dr. Silverio Lainez, Minister of Honduras in Guatemala, which had for its purpose compliance with an instruction which President Paz Baraona had given him to express to President Orellana warm thanks for the efficacious attitude which this Government assured in favor of the tranquility of his country.

The frontier zone of Guatemala is completely tranquil and the authorities maintain every vigilance.

Guatemala feels satisfied and sure that it has complied in the best manner with its obligations and that same attitude will be its policy in the future.

It is a pleasure to me to bring the foregoing to the knowledge of Your Excellency and I avail myself of the opportunity to reiterate to you assurances of my highest and most distinguished consideration, (signed) Rob Löwenthal.”

The President and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs stated to me verbally that among the measures taken by the Government of Guatemala during the past four months to prevent activities along the frontier by Honduranean emigrados are orders to the authorities in frontier districts to prevent all such activities, to prevent all shipment of arms and supplies, and to concentrate all emigrados whose concentration was requested by the diplomatic representative of Honduras and that they will continue that policy. Mr. Löwenthal has also told me that the day before receiving this Legation’s note of April 21 the Government of Guatemala appointed a new military commander at Esquipulas because the Minister of Honduras indicated doubt that the former commander was sufficiently energetic although the Government of Guatemala thought otherwise. Mr. Löwenthal also stated that on April 22 the Minister of Honduras said that certain revolutionists had hidden arms in Esquipulas and that the Government of Guatemala immediately ordered a rigid investigation and if the assertion be substantiated the seizure of the arms and concentration of the parties concerned.

Secretary of Legation Ellis tells me that general agent of the United Fruit Company informed him today that he has just been advised by the company’s general manager for Guatemala who resides on plantation [Page 328] near Quebradas and Playitas that there is no movement of any kind in prospect there and that there has been none. Repeated to Tegucigalpa.

  1. Telegram in two sections.