The Greek Minister (Simopoulos) to the Secretary of State

No. 713

Mr. Secretary of State: I have had the honor to receive your letter under date of May 5th by which you inform me that the Government of the United States gives its consent for the flotation of the loan mentioned in my letter of the 15th of April, with reservation of all questions arising under the financial agreement of February 1918.

In reply I beg to express to you my sincere thanks for your kind communication and at the same time to bring to your attention that for the purpose of proceeding to immediate execution of provisional works for the furnishing of water a loan of $1,000,000 is indispensable.

This preliminary loan will be issued under the same conditions as the preceding one mentioned in my note of April 15th.

While communicating this to you I have the honor to beg you, Mr. Secretary of State, to be so kind as to use your intervention in order [Page 288] that the Government of the United States may give its consent for the issue of this supplementary loan, destined to meet the urgent needs of Athens and of The Piraeus.

Please accept [etc.]

Ch. Simopoulos