The British Ambassador (Howard) to the Secretary of State

No. 1106

Sir: With reference to your note of August 11th, relating to a proposed arrangement between the Internal Revenue authorities of Great Britain and the United States with the object of granting relief from double taxation in cases where the profits accruing from the transaction of shipping business are subjected to both British and United States income taxes, I am instructed to inform you that the Board of Inland Revenue of my government agree with the conditions and limitations specified in the note.

My government have accordingly promulgated an Order in Council dated November 7th, 1924, taking effect from that date so far as Great Britain is concerned, and I expect to be able to transmit to you a copy of the Order at an early date.

I am to add that the Irish Free State in common with the other British Dominions is not to be considered as affected by this measure.

I have [etc.]

Esme Howard