890g.6363 T 84/231: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Houghton) to the Secretary of State


383. Your telegram No. 369 of December 19. I am assured by Tyrrell76 that the British have not changed their attitude toward American participation in the Turkish Petroleum Company. He told me that British oil interests have been engaged in deadly warfare for some time and he believes that in this conflict American interests have been used as a catspaw. This trouble is now being terminated and under government pressure arbitration is being resorted to. Within a day or two the result will be known, and Tyrrell believes that matters will move smoothly once this difficulty is settled. As soon as the result of arbitration is known, Tyrrell will personally inform me.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1. Sir William G. Tyrrell, British Permanent Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.