462.00 R 296/851: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Herrick) to the Secretary of State

42. L–314 [from Herrick, Kellogg and Logan]. Reference Department’s L–198.29 Message received while we were signing. After talking very confidentially with one or two members, we fear to make a fight in the open conference because of the fear that others would begin to attach reservations with possible disastrous consequences. There is no commitment on our part as to obligations of other governments. Commitments between Allied Governments specifically state their being “between Allied Governments.” Where we are concerned specific reference is made “United States of America.” For foregoing reasons and as our position amply protected we have signed without reservation of any kind whatsoever.

If you desire we can file a letter with Secretariat General as part of the minutes of conference making the foregoing points clear but we think it inadvisable to do so.

Reference your paragraph 2, L–198, see our L–313.30 Herrick, Logan, Kellogg.

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