462.00 R 296/810: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Herrick ) to the Secretary of State

5. Just received note dated January 2d from Foreign Office, translation of which reads as follows:

“The Minister for Foreign Affairs informs the American Embassy that on account of reasons of material organization the first meeting of the Conference of Ministers of Finance will take place on Wednesday, January 7th, instead of the 6th.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs adds, in conformity with the unofficial arrangement agreed upon between the Allied experts in London, [that] the Conference will have the following work:

To arrange the repartition of the payments received from Germany since January 1st, 1923, and also under the reserve of the inter-Allied arrangements that have already been agreed to the repartition of German payments from the date upon which the Agent General for [Reparation] Payments entered upon his duties and during the first year of the execution of the Dawes Plan.
To make the adjustments provided for in article I, paragraph[s] 3 to 5 of the arrangement [agreement] of the Ministers of Finance of March 11, 1922,2 and to fully explain a forfeitable sum to cover all the expenses of the Armies of Occupation for the next year.
To examine all other questions of repartition pending between the Allied Governments.”

Logan3 informed. Repeated to London.

  1. British and Foreign State Papers, 1922, vol. cxvi, p. 612.
  2. James A. Logan, Jr., American unofficial representative on the Reparation Commission.