767.68119E/14: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State


298. Your 128 of May 5.11 Grew and Dolbeare, with all members of staff present as advisers, sit in the three chief committees. There are also three subcommittees which are known as “groups of experts”; these are: (1) economic; (2) financial; and (3) legal experts, which also is the [omission] committee. Both Turlington and Barnes have been meeting with the economic subcommittee. As no matters of direct concern to us have been referred to the financial subcommittee, we have not as yet been represented at its meetings. Our only representative in the subcommittee of legal experts is Turlington, as this subcommittee is composed of only one representative from each of the following delegations: American, British, French, Italian, Japanese, and Turkish. Turlington has been received with marked cordiality by its members. (See our telegrams 290 of May 4 and 297 of May 6.)

Shaw’s assignment greatly pleases us. We shall decide after his arrival regarding his subcommittee work.

  1. Not printed.