767.68119P/21: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State

311. In meeting May 9 of special subcommittee Turkish declaration regarding schools was discussed and “religious institutions” was added to category with assent of Turkish delegate.

Allies desired provision made for recognition of institutions of recent formation and requested sentence regarding propaganda be [Page 1005] stricken out as useless and offensive. In admitting general principle that schools, et cetera, fall under Turkish law, particular emphasis was laid on addition of phrase providing that special committee for channels of foreign schools should be taken into consideration. Dolbeare, the American member, expressed desirability that declaration should be liberal, explaining that, while doubtless it was not the intention of the Turkish Government to paralyze foreign institutions by impossible regulations, still it would be most reassuring if the Turkish declaration to the Allies could make this clear. He pointed out that the declaration would be weighed by a great number of Americans and would be regarded as presaging the treatment to be given our schools. He believed desired asylum would be in harmony with Turkish intentions. Allied experts expressed full concurrence.

Repeated to Constantinople.