767.68119P/12: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State


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In view of recent controversy concerning our admission to subcommittees it is particularly gratifying to me to note that reception accorded our representative in jurists group was distinctly cordial and helpful. At beginning he was informed that all discussions are amicable and strictly private, all opinions provisionally. Special efforts were made to facilitate his task and he was invited to express views on subjects discussed. He stated that whatever he said would be without instructions and would represent only his own opinion. Alluding to the Turkish desire to reserve the right to subject foreign companies to legislation not applicable to Turkish companies, he observed that in the United States we had sometimes found it useful to have provisions in a treaty by which legislation not deemed conducive to the best relations with foreign countries might be [Page 1004] restrained. With respect to the right to own real property in Turkey he remarked that we should consider the protocol of 1874 applicable. Upon Munir Bey’s stating that he would not consider the protocol applicable to ownership of property by companies Turlington replied that he would of course not desire to retard the discussions by going into this question.