861.77/2562: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Warren) to the Secretary of State


93. Department’s 49, May 27, 4 p.m. The last time Stevens was here he was given a copy of your telegram no. 32 April 8, 6 p.m. Telegram now received from Stevens states that about May 23 his report under date of May [omission] was mailed from Shanghai.73

In conversation with Minister for Foreign Affairs, Uchida, I told him of conditions which Stevens reported. Uchida said he had no plan to propose. I referred to the statements made in Washington by Matsudaira. Uchida replied that he would confer with Hanihara and Matsudaira and find out what they might suggest. Matsudaira called later at the Embassy. He said he was at work on a plan and inquired whether the United States had any plan to offer. It is my belief that Uchida does not intend to make a definite proposal and I am without instructions as to any plans which may have been suggested to the Japanese Government.

  1. Not found in Department files.