893.113/365: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan (Waaren)4

118. Department’s 78 July 5 [25], 3 P.M.5

You may inform the Japanese Government that in the opinion of this Government it would seem advisable to ask the adherence of those Powers participating in or adhering to the Arms Embargo of 1919, with the exception of Russia, and also the Governments of Germany and Austria. The British Government has already intimated its views and this Government awaits the concurrence of the French, Italian and Japanese Governments before taking action.

Repeat to Peking as Department’s 242 referring to No. 185 July 5 [25], 3 p.m.6

  1. See last paragraph for instructions to repeat to Peking as no. 242. Similar telegram to the Ambassador in France, as no. 319, with instructions to repeat to the Ambassador in Italy, as no. 148, for like action.
  2. Not printed; gave substance of aides-mémoire to the Japanese, British, French, and Italian Embassies, July 25, with instructions to inform the Japanese Government.
  3. Instruction no. 78 to the Ambassador in Japan, repeated to the Minister in China as no. 185.