893.00/4256: Telegram

The Minister in China (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

119. One division and one mixed brigade Chang Tso-lin’s troops reliably reported to have left Mukden for stations on Tientsin-Mukden Railway and places in environs of Peking. Also reliably informed that Liang Shih-yi intends to resume office when all Peking [Page 690] is thus guarded. This movement is declared by Chinese in confidence of Marshal Chang to be first step in the military elimination of Wu Pei-fu. No armed opposition is anticipated in Chihli Province unless Wu sends troops from Honan and hence for the present probably no fighting near Tientsin or Peking. Total Manchurian force prepared for expedition reported to be 70,000 men, present movement represented to public simply as increase of Manchurian garrison at Peking.