The High Commissioner at Constantinople ( Bristol ) to the Secretary of State

No. 297

Sir: In my despatch No. 191, of May 10, 1921,49 I communicated to the Department the text of an agreement between the Georgian [Page 931] Soviet Government and the Near East Relief for the distribution of Near East Relief supplies in the Caucasus. I now have the honor to enclose a copy of a statement signed by representatives of the Soviet Armenian Republic recognizing the Near East Relief and giving them certain privileges for their work in that area.

I have [etc.]

Mark L. Bristol

Mandate from the Socialist Soviet Republic of Armenia to the Near East Relief

The Revolutionary Committee of S[ocialistic] S[oviet] A[rmenian] R[epublic] fully sympathizing with the aims of the Near East Relief in the Caucasus certifies that the Soviet Government of Armenia is willing to proffer all the necessary help to the N.E.R. in its work of organizing orphanages for homeless children and supplying the needy population with food, medicaments, shoes, etc.

In view of the above stated the S.S.A.R. Government guarantees freedom of travel both coming and leaving Armenia at their convenience without any hindrance to all citizens of the United States working in the N.R.R.
Recognises the right of the N.E.R. to distribute its supplies to the population according to its own decision or to control such supplies it has delivered to some local organisation.
All supplies shipped to Armenia consigned to N.E.R. are to be free of customs, railway charges and all other taxes.
The property of the N.E.R. is entirely free from requisition.
Free export of N.E.R. goods to Georgia and Azerbaidjan is guaranteed.
The N.E.R. is granted the right to prepare and transport charcoal and fire-wood from the woods in Armenia for the needs of the N.E.R. work, from those districts and places it finds convenient which will be approved by the Government.
The Government guarantees entire freedom of action to the N.E.R. promising not to meddle in the internal administration of the organisation or any interference on the part of its members and officials.
The Government also guarantees that no demand whatever on its part or any public organisations or authorities will be addressed to the N.E.R. except through the Commissary of Foreign Affairs or his agents.
, Chairman of the Revkom
, Commissioner of Foreign Affairs
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