860j.48/86: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Johnson ) to the Secretary of State

90. Foreign Office informs me that the following telegram has been received from the Italian Minister to the Armenian Republic now residing at Tiflis:

“The commander in chief of the Russian forces of the Caucasus has assured me in the most formal manner and has urgently begged me to inform the persons concerned that the supplies forwarded by the American Government or any other government to Armenia will be scrupulously forwarded in their entirety to Erivan by direct trains from Batum upon their arrival without subtracting anything therefrom on account of restrictions or for other purpose. Armenia is really in an unfortunate and piteous condition beyond any belief. Humanitarian measures are necessary, everything is lacking. The following are of especially urgent necessity: flour to make bread, sugar, preserves, new or old clothing, underwear and medical supplies.”

  1. Text printed from corrected copy received Apr. 24, 6:54 a.m.