The Assistant to the Chairman of the American Red Cross ( Sloan ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your letter of September 17, 1921, (811.142/10271),39 in which you advise us that the Department is in receipt of a telegram from Rear Admiral Mark L. Bristol, American High Commissioner at Constantinople and Chairman of the Constantinople Chapter of the American Red Cross, in which he stated that he had telegraphed us emphasizing the serious situation existing in Constantinople and recommending strongly that the work of the American Red Cross there be continued, and in which you further advise us that the Department is inclined to agree in the recommendation by Admiral Bristol and trusts that before reaching our final decision we will carefully review the situation in the light of what Admiral Bristol reports.

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It gives me great pleasure to advise you that at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the American Red Cross held September 28, 1921, at which the matter of the continuance of Red Cross assistance to Russian Refugees at Constantinople was considered, a vote was passed from which the following is an extract:—

“That the Executive Committee authorizes the continuation of American Red Cross relief for Russian Refugees at Constantinople for a limited time in order that further opportunity may be given for the development of some form of international action looking toward the solution of this problem, the continuance of this work being approved with the understanding, first, that by continuing this work the American Red Cross is not altering its original decision that this is a problem so extensive as to require international action for its ultimate solution, and hence the American Red Cross cannot continue to meet this situation indefinitely; and second, that during this continuance of American Red Cross work an energetic effort shall be made to encourage international action looking to the assumption of the responsibility for the care of the Russian refugees upon the withdrawal of the American Red Cross.”

Very sincerely yours,

Geo. A. Sloan
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