861.48/1450: Telegram

The Chargé in Greece ( Hall ) to the Secretary of State

76. Greek Government on Thursday, May 19th, stopped feeding Russian refugees in Athens and Piraeus hospitals. There are about five hundred of these people in desperate need of help. About three hundred can possibly be cured and made fit for work after two or three months more of hospital care. Other two hundred are ill tuberculosis or maimed as a result of war and will probably remain permanent charge on some organization. At the present time entire five hundred are too ill to work. Russian Minister here has funds for about two weeks more. Cannot committee in charge of Russian relief in Washington be of assistance in this desperate emergency. These refugees were landed in Greece at request of French Government who agreed to pay for their maintenance but afterwards found it impossible to do and so notified Greek Government. There are many thousands of Russian refugees around Saloniki whose condition in another month will also be serious but condition of five hundred here is most desperate.38

  1. The information contained in this telegram was transmitted by the Department to the American Central Committee for Russian Relief at New York and the American Red Cross at Washington in letters dated June 1.