361.1121 K 55/130: Telegram

The Commissioner at Riga ( Young ) to the Secretary of State

446. Department’s 71, June 23rd, 5 p.m. My telegram 444, June 21st, repeated to London and Christiania. I do not believe that such pressure as Baltic Provinces might be able to exert would be effective [Page 798] unless it included possible stoppage transit trade and this these states would hardly be prepared to do especially in view our attitude in matter of their recognition.

I believe they would be very willing to make official representations on our behalf but such representations would not in all probability be effective.

I suggest for Department’s consideration that release of our citizens be immediately demanded through Bolshevik mission at Reval or Riga and that failing prompt compliance with this demand an embargo be at once placed on all shipments for Soviet Russia and the entry of American citizens into Soviet Russia prohibited.