861a.01/144: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan ( Warren ) to the Secretary of State

416. Limitation of armaments. My 415, December 10th, last paragraph.20 Official statement by War Department appears today as follows:

“A partial relief of the Japanese troops stationed in the locality of Vladivostok [the time for] which arrived some time ago has so far been postponed in view of the negotiations on commercial relations and other problems now in progress at Dairen with the Chita government. For the moment however the probable date of conclusion of the Dairen conference cannot be predicted while the relief of troops in question can no longer be postponed.

In these circumstances the Japanese Government have determined to carry out the relief in question, it being understood that the number of troops of Japanese expeditionary forces after this partial relief has been effected will remain the same as hitherto.

As has been repeatedly declared by the Japanese Government the political situation in eastern Siberia has not yet been stabilized and the danger to which residents and traffic are still exposed coupled [Page 717] with the existing menace on the frontier compels the Japanese Government to maintain the troops in their present station.

The Japanese Government will immediately withdraw the troops in the event of general security being assured in Siberia against the dangers indicated above.”

  1. Not printed.