861b.01/4: Telegram

The Chargé in Japan (Bell) to the Secretary of State


106. A bulletin was issued today by the War Office which gave gist of what is stated to be an announcement made March 21 by the Japanese command in Russian Sakhalin. It stated that in accord [Page 702] with the statement already made last year with regard to the temporary occupation of important areas in Sakhalin, the Japanese Government in the near future will station troops at De Kastri, Mago, Nikolaievsk, Sophiisk and other important areas. It is hoped by thus introducing civil administration temporarily to maintain peace and order.

The announcement requested the Russian people living in these districts to place, therefore, complete trust in the Japanese troops, in sympathy with the true motive which prompts the proposed action and to attend as usual to their respective business.

Last autumn the places which the above announcement mentions were all temporarily evacuated. See Embassy’s telegram no. 360 of July 23, 1920.4