891.6363 Standard Oil/42

The Chargé in Persia (Engert) to the Secretary of State

No. 758

Sir: Referring further to the question of the so-called Khochtaria petroleum concessions in North Persia, I have the honor to report that at yesterday’s session of the Persian Medjliss a question was asked the Prime Minister by Sardar Moazam, Vice-President of the Medjliss, as to whether anything had been done in connection with these oil concessions “which, contrary to the laws, had been given to Khochtaria in the absence of the Medjliss”. In reply, the Prime Minister said: “This matter is now under discussion, but the Government has already announced that the concessions being illegal they are therefore null and void”.

I have [etc.]

C. Van H. Engert