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The Chargé in Persia ( Engert ) to the Secretary of State

No. 748

Sir: Referring once more to the Department’s Instruction No. 184 of April 9, 1921,21 I have the honor to enclose herewith translations of further documents22

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I have [etc.]

C. Van H. Engert

Decree of the Persian Council of Ministers, July 27, 1918

To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Works, Commerce, and Agriculture: Whereas the treaties, agreements, and concessions taken from Persia during the last hundred years by the despotic Russian Government and its people had been secured from Persia either by duress and force or through illegitimate means, such as threats and bribes, and are against the interests of Persia;

Whereas the Great Powers of the world have, since the beginning of the present war, in various ways announced to the people of the world the protection, integrity, and economic and political independence of the weak nations;

Whereas the new Government of Russia has announced as its goal the liberty and integrity of the nations, and has particularly, repeatedly, officially and unofficially announced the abrogation of all concessions and treaties which had been taken from Persia by the Russians;

Whereas the above-mentioned concessions, in addition to having been forcibly taken from Persia—against the interests of the country—together [Page 647] with those secured from Persia after the establishment of the Persian Constitutional Government—against the provisions of the Constitution—have either not been put into force, or have been very badly executed, or their provisions have not been complied with: not only the defined rights of the Government have not been respected, but in many cases these concessions by transfer or abuse of their provisions, have been the source of political and economic difficulties and pretexts, injuring the integrity of the country and the interest of the people;

Whereas the Government and people of Persia have the same right as all other nations and governments to be benefitted by their resources and their natural liberty;

Therefore, the Council of Ministers, at their meeting of Asad 4, 1297 (July 27, 1918), equal to Shaval 18, 1336, have resolved the abrogation of all above-mentioned treaties, agreements and concessions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is hereby instructed to announce the text of this decision to all the officials and representatives of foreign governments at the court of Persia, and to all Persian Ministers at the courts of foreign governments. The Ministry of Public Works, Commerce and Agriculture is to inform the public of the same through its proper means.

The original of this decision is kept in the files of the President of the Council of Ministers.

Najaf-Ghou, Samsam-os-Saltaneh

President of the Council of Ministers
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