The First Secretary of the Mexican Embassy (Téllez) to the Acting Chief of the Division of Mexican Affairs, Department of State (Hanna)


Esteemed Mr. Hanna: With reference to information received at this Embassy, and which I communicated to your Department in note verbale of the 24th, I have just been informed that on the [Page 520] 22nd of this month a conference was held in this city at which were discussed problems relating to the distribution of the waters of the Colorado River, which was attended by His Excellency the Secretary of the Interior and representatives of the Western States of this country, and in which the delegation from the State of California submitted proposals, of extraordinary importance, to the consideration of the Assembly.

As Mexico naturally has great interest in everything connected with the above problems, I take the liberty kindly to request you, in case such conference did in fact take place, to be so good as to obtain, if possible, and furnish to me information which will enlighten this Embassy on the subjects which were discussed and acted upon in the said conference.

Be assured that I shall be duly grateful for the attention you are kind enough to give my request, and accept [etc.]

Manuel C. Téllez