462.00 R 29/648: Telegram

The Commissioner at Berlin (Dresel) to the Secretary of State

423. My 421, April 20, 11 a.m. Text of German memorandum follows in official Foreign Office translation:

“Berlin April 20th 1921.

In the name of the German Government and the German people, the undersigned notwithstanding the still existing technical state of war, respectfully petition the President of the United States of America to mediate the reparation question and to fix the sum to be paid by Germany to the Allied Powers and to eagerly urge him to secure the consent of the Allied Powers to such mediation. They solemnly declare that the German Government are ready and willing to agree without qualification or reservation to pay to the Allied Powers as reparation such sum as the President after examination and investigation may find just and right. They formally pledge themselves to fulfill in letter and spirit all the provisions of any award that may be made by him.

With abiding faith in the righteousness of this request and with undeniable sincerity of the purpose, the German people through their constituted government submit their appeal to the President of the United States with the confident hope that it be granted to the end that a final award may be made in accordance with right and justice to meet the heartfelt wishes of all civilized nations, to avoid the immeasurable consequences of imminent coercive measures and to promote the peace of the world. Signed, Fehrenbach, Doctor Simons.”

A further telegram will give résumé of my conversation with Simons at the time of delivery of memorandum which throws important light on the subject.