The Alternate Chairman of the International Committee of Bankers on Mexico (T. W. Lamont) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: Referring to my letter to you of September 2nd and to my informal talk with you on the telephone on September 6th, for your information, I enclose herewith a copy of a letter which I to-day handed to the Chargé of the Mexican Embassy and which he told me he would immediately communicate to his government. After giving him time to do so, we shall probably make toe brief announcement here next week as to the proposed trip, in view of the fact that there already have been many rumors regarding it.

I am [etc.]

T. W. Lamont

The Alternate Chairman of the International Committee of Bankers on Mexico (T. W. Lamont) to the Mexican Chargé (Téllez)

Dear Mr. Tellez: Referring to the invitation extended to me last February by the Mexican Government,13 through your good offices, to visit Mexico City as a representative of the International Committtee of Bankers on Mexico for a discussion of the Mexican Government’s outstanding foreign credits, … I beg to say that I [Page 498] am now planning to accept this invitation and to visit Mexico the last part of this or the early part of next month. Although I shall go unaccompanied by any other members of the International Committee, I have been asked to act for the International Committee as a whole, representing, as it does, holders of Mexican government obligations from all the countries that have seats on that Committee, viz., the United States, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.

As soon as the arrangements for my trip have been completed, I shall advise you of the date of my departure from New York and arrival in Mexico City.

May I ask that this letter be treated as confidential until the date of my departure has been definitely decided upon?

Will you please present our respects to the officials of your government and again assure them that it is the earnest desire of the International Committee to assist the Mexican Government in every possible way in the proper adjustment of its outstanding external obligations.

I remain [etc.]

T. W. Lamont
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