711.64119/-: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Commissioner at Budapest ( Grant-Smith )

291. You are authorized to transmit to Count Nicholas Banffy the following private and confidential message from Mr. John Pelenyi:1

In the course of a private call, the Secretary of State told me today informally that it would be entirely agreeable to the American Government if our Government were to express its readiness to guarantee, by act of the Hungarian Parliament, all rights and privileges accruing to the United States by virtue of the Trianon Treaty.

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My personal impression is that such course might obviate necessity on America’s part to ratify Trianon Treaty tel quel and require merely drafting of short treaty of peace.

The Secretary of State stated further that he hopes that he will be able to make a statement concerning resumption of diplomatic relations shortly, no steps on our side to be taken till then. Pelenyi.

  1. Counselor of the Hungarian Legation at Washington after Jan. 11, 1922.