368.117/89: Telegram

The Minister in Greece ( Capps ) to the Secretary of State

220. Difficulty being experienced regarding two classes of residents of America now in Greece and desiring to return to America; namely, minor children of naturalized parentage of Greek descent and adults who have acquired American citizenship since passage of law 120 of January 15, 1914.

Regarding former, Greece claims such children as Greek subjects whether born in America or not if born prior to date of parents’ naturalization and holding them subject to military service refuses to recognize American passports for return to States. Such cases apparently require that some agreement be arrived at between the two Governments.

Regarding latter class, Greek Government does not recognize American citizenship unless effected in conformity with law above cited which required consent of Greek Government should first be obtained and is disposed to require Greeks naturalized after passage of law who have come to Greece with American passports and are unable to show evidence of prior consent of Greek Government to their naturalization to surrender their American passports and obtain Greek passports for their return to America. This requirement if complied with will cause them to lose their American citizenship. Pending understanding in such cases important that applicants for passports should be warned of risk of returning to Greece.

Instructions requested with reference to both classes of cases.