551.A1/19: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Davis)

562. Your 627, April 16th.68

You will transmit to Sir Eric Drummond following reply to invitation to United States Government of League of Nations to be represented at the coming International Financial Conference in Brussels:

“The Government of the United States acknowledges receipt of the text of an invitation, addressed by the Council of the League [Page 94] of Nations to the States Members of the League, to an International Financial Conference to be held at Brussels, and transmitted to this Government under date of April 20 [15], 1920 by the Secretary-General of the League of Nations through the American Ambassador to England, expressing the hope that the United States Government will wish to avail itself of the opportunity of being represented at the Conference or being associated with its work.

The United States is intensely interested in the restoration of stable conditions throughout the world and hopes that an exchange of views and information by experts may assist in the betterment of existing conditions.

It is not clear to this Government whether the suggestion as to the United States taking part in the Conference refers to the appointment of an official delegation representing the Government, or the appointment of unofficial delegates. This Government would not see its way to appoint an official delegation, but the Secretary of the Treasury will be glad to designate one or more unofficial representatives to attend the Conference. While these delegates will not be authorized to bind or commit this Government in any way, they will be authorized to take part in the discussions of the Conference, for the purpose of giving information as to the financial and economic conditions in this country and for the purpose of obtaining similar information in respect to the other countries.[”]

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