818.00/971: Telegram

The Consul at San José (Chase) to the Secretary of State

18. The inauguration of yesterday was well conducted and the Costa Rican Government is now well established. The President’s inaugural address contained many good recommendations. If it is desirable a summary will be sent at once by cable, otherwise by mail. He spoke of the desire to maintain intact the friendly relations which happily existed between the Costa Ricans and the United States of America and in addition he stated, translated from the Spanish,

“Now that the commotion of restoration has ended and the country has returned to peace and calm the occasion is propitious to render the homage of frank sympathy and gratitude to the very excellent Mr. President Wilson, who placed his inflexible will on the side of our people, in defense of right and law, refusing his consent to the acts committed, which gave great encouragement to the work of popular recovery; to the American Consul Mr. Benjamin F. Chase, who seconded the purposes of his Government with incomparable serenity and decision.”

No other foreign government officer was mentioned.

Provisional President Aguilar seems to have fulfilled the condition of Department’s telegram 30th of August last.1