763.72119/6487: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Secretary of State

4004. Your 2963, August 27th, 3 p.m. Our 3337 [3336], July 26th, unanswered, contained forecast in some detail of action of [Page 76] Spitzbergen committee and a request for instructions regarding signing of a treaty. In light of recent developments there is no urgency for instructions, since treaty will not be signed before about two months. Draft treaty was completed few days ago along lines indicated in telegram July 26th; United States, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden are proposed signatories. Full sovereignty is recognized in Norway. Stipulations similar to those found in commercial treaties secure to nationals of contracting parties equality in all important matters. Existing rights are recognized, and a procedure is prescribed for arbitration conflicting claims. Draft has been laid before Supreme Council for approval for submission to interested governments, which must signify within six weeks whether they will sign.

American Mission