761.93/148: Telegram

The Minister in China (Crane) to the Secretary of State

312. I have confirmed by note received from Foreign Office text given in my 302, October 7, noon.21 Foreign Office so far disinclined to reply as a result of diplomatic corps meeting 9th. Dean addressed note to-day Foreign Office in the name of diplomatic body stating that, as corps interested in provisions of mandate in so far as it affected interests of treaty powers, would be glad to receive official confirmation [of] Yen’s repeated oral statements that meantime Chinese Government would not permanently derogate Russian treaty rights, but would be only temporary, subject [to] agreement with future recognized Russian government. Also stated corps anxious [to] smooth difficulties for Chinese Government which are foreseen. Proposes reaching of provisory modus vivendi between Chinese Government and corps [on] the administration of Russian interests.

Corps on 3d notified Chinese Government that, in view of duty of protocol powers arising from treaty provisions for Legation quarter, to assure safety of Russian Legation property until future Russian Government, powers have assumed officially responsibility for safeguard and confided it provisionally to Kudashev until his departure.

  1. Not printed; substantially the same as the telegram of Oct. 7 from the Chinese Foreign Office to the Chinese Legation, p. 770.