The Chinese Foreign Office to the Chinese Legation20

With regard to relations with Russia, the following is the declared policy of this Government:

The mandate of September 23rd21 does not put an end to the treaty relations between China and Russia, which are merely suspended for the time being.
The above-mentioned mandate does not terminate the treaties between China and Russia, or such rights as are derived from the treaties.
The arrival at Peking of the representative of the Verkhneudinsk Government has no connection with the withdrawal of official recognition from the Russian diplomatic and consular officers. As to the internal affairs of Russia, the Government still follows a policy of non-interference in conjunction with the allied and associated powers.
The Chinese Government now proposes to protect and administer the Russian settlements, as well as Russian property until such time as a proper Russian Government is established and recognized.
The affairs of the Russian Settlements are placed in the hands of the Chinese Commissioners of Foreign Affairs and there will be no change for the time being in the municipal administration of [Page 771]those Settlements. In case, however, any changes are proposed in the municipal regulations in the interest of public good and convenience such regulations may be adopted.
The Russian Consular Courts are abolished, but in case citizens or subjects of other countries bring suit against Russian subjects in Chinese Courts, the Russian laws will be applied in so far as they are not in conflict with Chinese laws, or some one versed in Russian law may be employed as a legal adviser to the court.

  1. Copy of paraphrased telegram left at the Department by the Chinese Minister Oct. 8.
  2. See telegram no. 273, Sept. 24, from the Minister in China, p. 764.