763.72119/5830: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Secretary of State

3336. Present plans of Committee on Spitzbergen contemplate short treaty between Principal Allied and Associated Powers on one hand and Norway on other hand with possible addition of few interested neutral nations as contracting parties. Provision will be made for adherence by other states. Norway will give guarantee[s] regarding private rights and other powers will recognize Norwegian sovereignty. It is requested that if it is desired United States should be signatory to treaty, authorization together with power to some one to sign be transmitted. In view previous participation our Government in solution Spitzbergen question56 and since our recognition of Norwegian sovereignty must presumably be given in some other way if we do not sign proposed treaty and since we incur no obligations apart from recognition Norwegian sovereignty, all other [obligations] being on part Norway, it is suggested our participation as signatory may be desirable.

American Mission