661.9331/4: Telegram

The Minister in China (Crane) to the Secretary of State

258. Following is summary of Foreign Office statement in today’s press: China must follow example [of] Allies regarding trade representatives of Russia. Due to Siberian conditions and position of old Russian representatives, modus vivendi urgently needed to regulate somewhat trade relations and protect Chinese interests in Siberia. Representatives [of] Far Eastern Republic headed by Yourin asked permission to come [to] Peking negotiate commercial matters only. Permission granted several months ago. Have now arrived. At informal meeting 10th with subordinate [of] Foreign Office credentials found apparently in order but telegraphic confirmation [awaited] from Verkhneudinsk, Blagoveshchensk and Vladivostok to assure that mission represents total area. After conclusion of these preliminaries Chinese Government will require certain guarantees notably no Bolshevik propaganda in China.

Foreign Minister orally confirms above, assures me Russian interests will be respected. He inquired anxiously regarding conversation re Chinese Eastern at Washington and Paris. States that Koo8 instructed, ask[ed] participation therein as Chinese are now in control. Peking Leader declares and Russian Minister advises negotiations will go beyond commercial phase and that Foreign Office has intimated to Russian Minister that he and consuls are anomalous and embarrassing to Chinese and that as properly accredited representatives have arrived, situation would be relieved by his withdrawal. Minister tells me willing to relieve embarrassment but feels that he cannot [leave] post without definite declaration on the part of Chinese Government. Press further announces Government has asked views of high authorities Eastern Provinces. Kirin concurs [in] withdrawal [of] Russian consuls. I understand mission apparently well supplied with money and prepared to stay.

  1. Vi Kyuin Wellington Koo, Chinese Minister at Washington.