The Secretary of State to the Russian Ambassador (Bakhmeteff)8

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your notes of December 4, 1919, and February 4, 1920, with enclosures, relating to conditions existing in Outer Mongolia, making special reference to recent activities of the Chinese Government in that region.

In reply to your request that this Government instruct its Minister at Peking to support the protest of the Russian Minister against the alleged violation by the Chinese Government of the Treaty of 1913 between Russia and China and of the Agreement of 1915 among Russia, China and Mongolia, I have the honor to state that this Government does not find itself in a position to issue instructions in the sense requested, inasmuch as it has never been made privy to the agreements cited, and does not therefore feel competent to judge of the merits of the situation indicated.

Accept [etc.]

Bainbridge Colby
  1. Notation by the Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs: “The original of this note was held pending an opportunity to discuss it with the Russian Embassy, and was handed by me to Mr. de Bach on May 6th, 1920. MacM[urray]”.