763.72119/10401: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Wallace ) to the Secretary of State

1690. Mission. 72nd meeting of Conference of Ambassadors was held Friday morning September 10th, Cambon presiding.

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3d. Von Mutius, Goeppert’s successor as head of German peace delegation had approached British and Italians with a suggestion stating that better results might be obtained if he could get in closer touch with Conference of Ambassadors. He felt that if he could explain orally to the conference the subject matter of some of the many German notes the small number of favorable answers from the conference might be increased. After considerable discussion it remained understood though no formal decision was taken that Cambon should tell Von Mutius that when conference desired explanation of subject matter of German notes it would summon him. Also that when he specially desired to explain a question orally to conference he should inform Mr. Cambon who would transmit his request to the conference.

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